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Electromagnetic Compliance Product Directory
To request information on any of the products listed here, reach us directly at 1-817-467-0970.

Absorber Clamps Absorber
Microwave Amplifiers Anechoic Chambers
Anechoic Materials Antenna Masts & Towers
Antennas E/H Field Antennas
EMI Text Books EMI/EMC Related Braid
Cable & Wire (Shielded) Cabinets Shielded Cable Assemblies
(Shielded) Cable Assemblies (Test Equipment) Capacitors
Filter  Chokes Filter Coatings
Various Coils Filter Conductive Cloth
Fabrics and Wire Mesh Connectors Coaxial Filter Connectors
Filter Insulators Connectors
Filter Pin Couplers Bi-Directional Coupling-
Decoupling Networks (DCNs) Detectors Broadband EMI Earth/Ground Resistance Testers
Fans & Blowers EMI Shielded Field Sensors
Isotropic Ferrite Suppression Components Fiber-Optic Cable
Fiber-Optic Systems Filtered Power Entry Modules
Absorptive Filters Active Filters
Antenna Filters Array Filters
Feed-Through Filters Microwave Filters
Power Line Filters Printed Circuit Board Filters
Shielded Room Filters Signal Line Filters
TEMPEST Finger Stock Gaskets Shielded Magnetic Field Generators
ESD Generators Lightning & EMP Generators
Impulse Generators Interference Generators
Transient Helmholtz Coils Honeycomb EMI/RFI
Inductors EMI/RFI Isolators Power Line
Isolators Signal Line Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs)
Meters ESD Charge/Decay Meters Field Intensity
Meters Magnetic Field Meters Radiation Hazard (RADHAZ)
Meters RF Power Power-Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (PLISNs)
Probes Current Probes EMI
Receivers EMI Receivers TEMPEST
RF Leak Detectors RF Power Amplifiers
Services Anechoic Chamber Testing Services EMI/EMC Consulting
Shielded Rooms Shielding Material Magnetic Field
Shielding Material RF Shields CRT Electro-Optical
Simulators EMP Simulators ESD
Simulators Lightning Software EMC/EMI Related
Spectrum Analyzers TEMPEST Suppressed Products
TEMPEST Test Equipment Training & Seminars EMC/EMI Related
Transient Arresters & Suppressors Turntables

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